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Link Checks 3/2/2012

Being so inconsistent lately, the Flyers started off the new month with a win.  Last night, they crushed the Islanders by a score of 6-3 (TCLFlyers).  They took advantage of the lowly Islanders, using offensive fire power to excel for a win (TCLFlyers), and even setting milestones in the process (CSNPhilly).  It was an important win, as the push for the postseason for most NHL teams is now underway (TCLFlyers).

During the game, the Flyers started out flat once again, and Laviolette was not a happy man, to say the least.  The gum came out, and the words he said are unprintable.  Like  forward Scott Hartnell said though (CSNPhilly Video), the message was received, and it got the Flyers on a roll (

Unfortunately for the Flyers, blocking shots proved injurious for James van Riemsdyk.  The 22-year-old forward went down to block a shot when the puck hit him in the foot and broke it (TCLFlyers).  He will be out 4-6 weeks (On The Fly).  Now, as if there wasn’t already enough reason for him to do so, center Danny Briere must step up.  He’s gone 18 games without a single goal, and now with players injured, he really needs to turn his game around and get back on track (TCLFlyers).

The Flyers next game is Sunday, when they’ll be in Washington to battle the Capitals.  After that, they’ll be home again to take on the Red Wings.  It will be a special night in the Wells Fargo Center for that evening tilt on Tuesday, as legend Mark Howe will have his number retired (Orange and Black Pack).  The ice will have a painted number “2” behind each net for the game (@MattBrigidi Photo).

When the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg, Jets fans were psyched.  There was excitement all around and the city was a nice fit for the team.  Just like the now current Jets, who are flying high (Crimespree Hockey), are a team who was just relocated, could there be more similar situations?  Given the strength of the hockey market in Canada and the ardent fans, could there be more teams moving to the country (Flyers Faithful)?

The Devils gained just one point last night...

1. Image preview 62 88 41 15 6
2. Image preview 63 79 37 21 5
3. Image preview 63 77 35 21 7
4. Image preview 63 75 35 23 5
5. Image preview 64 61 24 29 9

They were the victims of an amazing game from David Krejci.  He netted a hat trick and propelled the Bruins to win 4-3 in overtime (AP).  It was the Devils’ fourth straight loss.

The Rangers were in Raleigh, NC, to vs the Hurricanes.  They surprisingly just edged them for a 3-2 victory (Yahoo! Sports), but two points is two points whether you win by 10 goals or one.

With their loss to the Flyers, the Islanders are just flying towards another top five draft pick (TCL Isles).  At least there is a pretty talented group of players this upcoming draft to choose from (The Hockey Guys).


@ WAS  Sunday 3/4
vs DET  Tuesday 3/6
vs FLA  Thursday 3/8
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