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Link Checks 2/3/2012

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60 full minutes of play.  It's about time.

The Flyers hosted the Nashville Predators last night and put together a full-game effort and won 4-1, in what was their most complete performance of the season (TCLFlyers).  It was a good quality win against a good quality team.  It was just the Predators' third loss in the past 16 games.  The Flyers' penalty kill had a huge outcome on the game (TCLFlyers).

Wayne Simmonds, who registered two goals with 10 shots, is the kind of guy Philly loves.  Hardworking, physical, and kind of unappreciated outside of Philadelphia.  His hard work is paying off, too (TCLFlyers).  Simmonds is on top of his game this year, having a career season (CSNPhilly).  Him along with Brayden Schenn are making  tough guy Zac Rinaldo's life a bit easier (TCLFlyers).  Playing with two players who have been doing well recently, Rinaldo's provided energy sparked the Flyers win last night (CSNPhilly).

A player who loves the city will obviously want to stay there, and that's the case with Jaromir Jagr now.  We all know he loves playing in Philadelphia (CSNPhilly), and now he's apparently talking about a possible extension with the Flyers (Buzz on Broad).

The Flyers have been rumored a lot to be going after a top defenseman.  There has been much talk about JVR being dealt in order for this to happen.  Briere says they're almost all untrue, though (@BroadStBull).  

However, the Flyers did make a move though.  On Thursday, they traded defenseman Kevin Marshall to the Capitals for RW Matt Ford (TCLFlyers).  Yes, it doesn't seem like it makes sense.  If they want a defenseman, why would they trade one away?  There's good reasoning for the minor league trade (PostStar).

Speaking of minor league affiliates, the Trenton Titans of the ECHL got into a bit of trouble last night in their most recent loss (TCLFlyers).  Against the Chicago Express,  assistant coach Todd Fedoruk was yelling at Express players during a scrum, and had to be restrained by the Titans' equipment manager.  He received a minor penalty and has been fined and suspended by the league (

If you're reading this, you're a hockey fan.  If not, well I don't know what you're doing here.  For the hockey fans, you probably know someone who maybe wants to get into hockey.  Of course they'll need a little background knowledge (Crimespree Hockey).

The Flyers and the Devils were the only teams in the division playing last night...

1. Image preview 49 69 32 12 5
2. Image preview 50 66 30 14 6
3. Image preview 51 62 29 18 4
4. Image preview 50 59 28 19 3
5. Image preview 49 47 20 22


The Devils were on the winning side of a 5-3 game (  They were against the Canadiens.

The Islanders will be in Ottawa tonight to battle the 27-20-6 Senators (



vs NJ Image preview Saturday 2/4
@ NYR  Sunday 2/5
vs NYI  Tuesday 2/7
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