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Link Checks 2/21/2012

If there was one word to describe the social media websites yesterday, it was madness.

All madness that started from one unconfirmed comment Bryzgalov made to a fan at the carnival.  It may or may not have been true, but it created a whole lot of arguments.

Bryzgalov has certainly underperformed this season, and has been booed for it.  Whether the boos from fans continue or stop, Bryzgalov needs to perform better(TCLFlyers).  However, would it be better for Flyers fans to stop (Ramblings of a Flyers fan in Pittsburgh)?

This is all apart from the whole frenzy the trade deadline has caused.  With the trade deadline just six days away, there are certain players that you should keep an eye on until the deadline has passed (Crimespree Hockey).  The Flyers got a few necessary acquisitions done early when they added luxury to their team through Kubina and Grossman (SBNation Philly).  There is some talk about possibly more trades happening, again involving forward James van Riemsdyk.  Now he’s rumored to be going to Colorado (@tpanotchCSN).

Kubina, who already said he wants to stick around beyond this season (Buzz on Broad), will make his debut tonight in Winnipeg, when the Flyers will go against the Jets (TCLFlyers).  Could this game possibly be a playoff preview between the Jets and Flyers (CSNPhilly)?

The game will mark the beginning of a 10-game road trip.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, too.  The Flyers home struggles have caused them to slip to fifth place in the Eastern Conference, and they’ve played significantly better away from Philadelphia (

The Islanders were the only division team in action last night...

1. Image preview 57 81 38 14 5
2. Image preview 58 72 34 20 4
3. Image preview 58 71 32 19 7
4. Image preview 59 71 33 21 5
5. Image preview 59 58 24 25 8

They were stomped by the seventh place Ottawa Senators by a final score of 6-0 (TCL Isles). They'll play again tonight in Buffalo, battling the 25-27-7 Sabres (TCL Isles).

The rest of the teams will also be hitting the ice tonight.

In Toronto are the New Jersey Devils, who have won eight of their last 10 games. Their win streak can be increased to four games with a victory over the Leafs (USA Today).

Facing off in an Atlantic Division showdown are the New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins, who are tied with the Flyers, will look to get a win against the third place overall Rangers (PensBurgh).  The Rangers are considered to be the front runners in acquiring Rick Nash, but why should they fix what isn’t broken (The Hockey Guys)?


@ WPG  Tuesday 2/21
@ EDM  Thursday 2/23
@ CAL  Saturday 2/25
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