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Kimmo Timonen Steps it Up

Last night’s 9-8 loss to Winnipeg was a fiasco.

There really aren’t many other ways to put it. It was flat out bizarre. 

Despite the craziness that occurred, there are some positives to take out of the game.

It is rather alarming how the loss of Chris Pronger immediately affected this Flyers team, but last night a leader emerged to reel the team in.

13 Flyers found their name on the score sheet last night.  Some great things can be said for the offense, but one guy in particular stepped his game up from more than just an offensive level, and that guy is alternate captain Kimmo Timonen.

4:36 into the second period, Timonen got called for interference and was visibly upset with the call.

At the time, the Flyers were losing 4-1. The Jets would score three seconds into the power player to add another goal to their growing total. 

It looked as if the game was out of reach for the Flyers.

But less than two minutes later, Claude Giroux scored to make it 5-2 and the game started to change.

Assisting on the goal was none other than Timonen. He would finish the contest with three assists in total, utilizing precision passes and accurate shots.

You could see in his body language and facial expressions that getting called for the penalty earlier in the period sparked his game.

There is more to leadership than just producing offensively and Timonen exemplified that.

His play on the ice was excellent, he sacrificed his body as usual, and his attitude during and after the game spoke volumes.

His comments to the media sounded like the words of a true leader and a proven veteran voice.

The "C" and the "A" are only letters. That’s something that we know is true. The "A" has nothing to do with Timonen stepping up. Yes, it was given to him for a reason but he took responsibility on his own last night and stepped up his game because he knew how terrible things were going.

The importance of Timonen to the Flyers can sometimes be taken for granted, but last night displayed just how much the orange and black need him.

Not only is he going to be the model for defensive play with Pronger out of the lineup, but he is going to be looked up to for leadership.

It is now proven that he is more than capable of doing both, and that is excellent news for the Flyers.




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John Russo's picture

He was visibly irked last night at the result of the game. He refused to blame Bryz and instead put the blame on the defense.

He said the team is lacking a desire to play defense: "It's a learning process but still playing defense is more desire and execution."