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Flyers Trade Darroll Powe to Minnesota

The Philadelphia Flyers shocked many again Monday afternoon by trading popular forward Darroll Powe to the Minnesota Wild. Powe was not a goal scoring player exactly, but he was affordable and did exactly what he was paid to do every single game.

Every team needs guys that are going to be counted on for their penalty killing more than anything. Star players help to kill off penalties as well, but it’s not always practical for them to total up so much ice time killing penalties when they are needed for an offensively heavy role. Powe was that guy for the Flyers. Powe was a ball of energy for the Flyers. He skated hard and hit harder. You could not deny that Powe gave 110 percent.

There may also be some potential for Powe to break out with another team and show that he is capable of scoring 20 goals in a season. There is plenty of reason to believe that he has that in him after his showing in the 2009 playoffs. But Powe’s scoring production had since then decreased. As much as he did what he had to do every game the past two seasons, he frustrated some with his lack of offensive production. 

The return for the Flyers in this trade with Minnesota is a third round pick in the 2013 draft.

To many people this trade seems like a bad idea. Powe was loved and appreciated for a reason. But with the Flyers doing so much wheeling and dealing these past few days, it’s easy to get a sense that there are more changes coming. The Flyers have guys that can step in and take Powe’s role while Paul Holmgren still has an opportunity to sign a free agent winger outside of the organization with more of an offensive upside.

For now, it looks like the Minnesota Wild have certainly made out great in this trade, but there is no way to judge the outcome for the Flyers until their roster is finalized for training camp.


George Prax's picture

Surprised about this trade, guess there really is a changing of the guard in Philly again. Powe's useful but replaceable, but at the same time, what sense is there in trading an asset for a pick in two years? Maybe he wasn't good in the dressing room?

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Although Powe is replaceable, I think he was a good core guy. I'm left wondering what the heck Holmgren is doing.