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Consistency and Complete Games Non-Existent In Flyers

Last night's 6-3 win in Detroit was an exciting one for the Flyers and their fans as the Flyers came back from being down 3-1 to win.

Unfortunately there is a negative side to this comeback.

It has been a trend for the Flyers to not show up for a full 60 minutes. Of course teams are going to have their off nights and down periods, but the Flyers have been consistently inconsistent both in games and overall.

This trend can be seen easily by analyzing the past five games.

Last Wednesday the Flyers lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2. It was a disappointing loss due to the fact that the Flyers were a favorite going into the game, but it was also disappointing in the way that the Flyers lost.

The Flyers did not score a goal until late in the third period where they scored two to cut Tampa’s lead to 3-2. But this effort came far too late in the game as the Flyers comeback fell short.

That Friday morning, the Flyers beat the Winnipeg Jets 2-1. It was a great win, but this time the Flyers could not keep the foot on the gas and let the Jets sneak back into the game late in the third period.

Last Saturday the Flyers beat the Nashville Predators 3-2 in a shootout win.

Unfortunately, shot totals for the Flyers decreased from period to period. Claude Giroux opened the scoring for the Flyers in the first period but Nashville tied the game just a minute later. The Preds ended up taking the lead in the third period, but the Flyers tied it in the second half of the period and snuck away with a victory in a shootout.

On Monday, the Flyers lost 2-0 in a game against the Minnesota Wild where both teams looked like they would never score. Minnesota managed to score two early third period goals in less than a minute, and the Flyers had no answer.

Last night in Detroit the Flyers had a fantastic third period but a not-so-great first and second.

The Flyers cannot expect to be perfect all the time of course. But great teams have solid victories in 60 minute efforts.

You never know what to expect from the Flyers. No lead for this team is safe, but oddly at the same time, they could also wake up and attempt a late comeback against many teams.

The problem is that the Flyers have not had the most difficult schedule as of late playing injured teams. While beating Detroit was fantastic they were without Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk.

The way that the Flyers won does not make sense. Where was the offense before? And beating Nashville was nice, but why did such an injured Nashville team have such an easy time getting a lead on the Flyers?

Winning is nothing to complain about, but inconsistency is. And the Flyers have been inconsistent within their past five games at least.

You never know what part of a game the effort is going to come in. It just has not been a full 60 minutes.


Alicia Sprenkle
Staff Writer
Twitter: @Activestick_44@TCLFlyers